Welcome to
Frank Saul Fashions Ltd.

From our beginning in 1980 the company quickly established itself as a true knitwear specialist producing wonderfully glamorous and innovative designs in knitwear with intricate beading and embroidery which were a market first and to this day the company prides itself on the many variations of knitwear designs and concepts that are produced in each collection .

The design teams here at Frank Saul pride themselves with the exceptional market research and in-depth market knowledge that goes into each and every Frank Saul garment and collection produced, to ensure a commercial range . We believe that one of the secrets of our success has been our independence ,still a family owned concern with our headquarters in London .Over the years ,this freedom has allowed us to be truly creative ,innovative and pioneering as demonstrated by our impressive repertoire of collections, our unique designs and our dedication to rare handcrafts.

The Frank Saul collection is the widest knitwear range available throughout europe the innovative products are continuosly being updated, improved and broadened to emcompass our growing company.

Frank Saul fashions  operates with a philosophy of teamwork and cooperation. Being responsive to customers’ needs has allowed Frank Saul Fashions to enjoy consistent growth.